Wonderful work in June

In June, I will continue to strengthen exchanges and contacts with overseas institutions in Chengdu to understand the latest needs of enterprises from various countries for cooperation in Sichuan; conduct business visits, seminars, receptions and other activities to understand the development needs of enterprises, hold special events such as sharing salons, and further improve service enterprises Level: Each overseas office strengthens the level of liaison with key institutions in various countries and gives full play to the role of a platform for overseas services to Chinese-funded enterprises. The key tasks in June are now reviewed as follows:     

【International Exchange】  

On June 4th, the representatives of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our association had a discussion with Ms. Bai Meina, the chief representative of Polish Investment and Trade Bureau in Chengdu. Ms. Bai Meina introduced that the focus of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency this year is in the cosmetics and food fields. She hopes to expand the Chinese market by participating in relevant key exhibitions and other economic and trade activities after the epidemic. The representatives of the Association expressed their willingness to continue to play the role of a platform to provide assistance to Polish companies in Sichuan. The two parties also discussed matters such as cooperation in the field of cultural creativity and the holding of a photography exhibition by Polish photographers in Chengdu.  

On June 9th, representatives of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our association had a discussion with Wu Qian, manager of the Chengdu headquarters of the American Chamber of Commerce Southwest. The two sides discussed how to better serve domestic and overseas enterprises and help enterprises out of difficulties under the new situation. At the same time, the two sides discussed the feasibility of forming a normalized communication and cooperation mechanism in the Southwest Consulate Business Association business circle and establishing the Southwest Consulate Business Association Alliance.  

On June 10th, the representatives of our office in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Coalition of Small and Medium-Sized Industries (COSMI) held an exchange meeting. Mr. Nawaz, the founding chairman of COSMI, reviewed the cooperation with our association for more than half a year and expressed gratitude to the Sri Lanka office for its work support. Regarding the impact of the new crown epidemic on the development of Sri Lanka's small, medium and micro enterprises mentioned by Chairman Nawaz, the representative of the office expressed his willingness to continue to maintain close cooperation with COSMI to help Sri Lankan enterprises resume their economic and trade development as soon as possible. At the meeting, the two parties also discussed the signing of a cooperation agreement, and hoped to hold a grand signing ceremony at the right opportunity for both parties.  

On June 16, our office in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Association of Small and Medium-sized Industries (COSMI) held the second symposium of this month. Mr. Samath, COSMI project consultant, focused on the 'Return to Business' plan. He emphasized that Sri Lanka's economy was greatly affected due to the impact of the big bang and the new crown pneumonia. This plan is mainly aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in Sri Lanka. Economic policies include financing, and non-economic policies include technical and equipment support, and market search. At present, COSMI has sent out invitations to this project to many countries in Asia, Europe, etc., and hopes that China will also participate in the project. Representatives of the office expressed their willingness to help Sri Lankan enterprises to strengthen various economic and trade cooperation with Sichuan within the scope of their capabilities to help Sri Lanka's economic development.  

On June 17, representatives from the Sri Lanka office had a discussion with Mr. Jurian, CEO of Opportunity srilanka, and Mr. Aatif, Business Development Manager. Opportunity Company is a digital business promotion platform in Sri Lanka. The platform mainly provides business news and opinion analysis. It also has a large number of first-hand project cooperation information from the Sri Lankan government and the private sector. It has been a year since I established a cooperative relationship with Opportunity Company. In this forum, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on further deepening the cooperative relationship and signing strategic cooperation agreements.  

On June 29th, I will hold a friendly cooperation 'cloud' signing ceremony with the Mexican American Industrial Group. Established in 1976, American Industrial Group is an international company rooted in Mexico, with its Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai. Through incubation services and industrial real estate services, American Industrial Group has contributed to the successful business development of more than 200 international companies in Mexico. I will promote the economic and trade cooperation between Sichuan and Latin America for four years, and successfully helped a group of Sichuan enterprises 'go global' to open up the Latin American market and facilitate the implementation of projects. This cooperation with the American Industrial Group will further promote the cooperation between the two places in economic and trade cooperation, exchanges and visits, and resource sharing.     

【Project Promotion】  

Following the promotion of XGIMI's non-screen TVs in Bhutan, this month, with the strong promotion of our Pakistan office, XGIMI Technology has reached a cooperation agreement with relevant institutions in Pakistan. At present, the two parties have entered the contract signing stage.  

Regarding the purchase of new energy vans by Tianqi equipment, under the promotion of the member department of our association, we have received replies from enterprises such as Emei Bus and other companies for cooperation intentions. At present, our association has established a project WeChat group for business negotiations between Tianqi Equipment and Emei Bus, and the two parties have begun to directly connect.  

This month, the Membership Department of our association has matched the needs of a new company-Sichuan Rixin Tonghui Technology Co., Ltd. to seek cooperation in the Thai Red Bull project. Currently, it has contacted relevant Thai institutions and awaits further response from the other party.    

This month, the Membership Department of our association actively promoted the cooperation projects between the member units Sichuan Asia Group and relevant Myanmar institutions on pharmaceutical factories. In May 2017, Asia Group visited Myanmar, Laos and other countries with the Association, and exchanged views with the overseas Chinese King Invention of Myanmar on cooperative pharmaceutical factories. Recently, the two parties contacted again about the project and intend to jointly promote the further development of the project.     


【Corporate Services】  

On June 2, our office in Sri Lanka provided translation services for the member unit Sichuan Licheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. to conduct business in Sri Lanka. Prior to this, the Sri Lanka branch of Licheng Construction mainly cooperated with Chinese companies and did not involve dealing with local people. This time, due to the need to participate in the bidding project of the local side slope treatment, which involves related procedures and other businesses, it is necessary to conduct specific docking with the local related agency companies and engineering companies. In order to better help Licheng to carry out this project, the staff of our office assisted in translation and other services for this meeting, and provided practical help for enterprises to conduct business overseas.     

On June 9, the 'Cross-border E-commerce Blue Ocean Opportunity' series of salons on 'How traditional industries can break through e-commerce platforms under the new situation' series jointly organized by the Association and Alibaba was successfully held. Sharing guests will introduce the development trends of cross-border e-commerce that companies are most concerned about, overseas buyer market analysis, cross-border e-commerce expertise, export tax rebate policies under the epidemic situation, and localized export service analysis, etc., and continue to share dry goods on-site and exchange freely Sparks splashed and splendid again and again, this salon event was well received by enterprises.    

On June 12th, Mr. Yang, the head of overseas business of Chengdu Rainbow Electric (Group) Co., Ltd., visited our association. Rainbow Electric, established in the 1980s, is a well-known local enterprise in Chengdu, integrating manufacturing, R&D, commerce and logistics of integrated products. Mr. Yang introduced that Rainbow Electric is currently developing well in China. With the acceleration of economic globalization, he also hopes to expand overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, in the field of daily chemicals such as mosquito repellent products with the support of the Association. The person in charge of our association introduced to Mr. Yang on the overseas offices and other related situations, and introduced the specific practices and practices of the association in the process of 'going out' of service companies by taking the XGIMI screenless projection project in Bhutan as an example. experience.  

On June 12, the Sri Lanka office of our association received Mr. Qi Xinhua, the chief representative of the Sri Lanka office of Beijing Urban Construction Group. Beijing Urban Construction Group is a leading enterprise in Beijing's construction industry, with special qualifications for general contracting of housing construction and highway engineering. Currently, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives and other Southeast Asian countries are building projects. Beijing Urban Construction established an office in Sri Lanka in 2019 and participated in bidding for some local projects. President Qi said that although Lanka is a small island and a small country with a small capacity, due to its unique geographical location, Chinese companies have a lot of competition. I hope to strengthen communication and cooperation with our association. The representative of the office said that serving Chinese enterprises and helping Chinese enterprises to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with Sri Lanka is the focus of the office's work, and is willing to work with Beijing Urban Construction to promote the better development of Chinese enterprises in Sri Lanka.     

【daily work】  

On June 23, the person in charge of our association had a discussion and exchange with relevant leaders of Sichuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The two parties discussed the issues that Sichuan enterprises urgently need to solve in the process of foreign economic and trade cooperation in the post-epidemic era, and exchanged opinions on how to use their respective platforms, especially overseas offices, to provide services for enterprises.  On June 28, we issued the 'Measures for Performance Management and Evaluation of Heads of Overseas Offices', which further standardized and improved various management systems for overseas offices, and at the same time provided a broader development space and incentives for outstanding talents stationed abroad The system is of positive significance to the sustainable development of our foreign offices.

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