Wonderful review of work in May

In May, I will actively explore new models of service companies and service projects under the new situation, and work hand in hand with well-known e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and ByteDance to provide strategies for companies to break through in the new situation; stationed in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan The office actively maintains close contact with relevant agencies/enterprises in the host country to discuss economic and trade cooperation plans with Sichuan under the epidemic; plan ahead, discuss and communicate with the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Qingbaijiang District People's Government and other departments, and arrange and deploy key tasks in the second half of the year. The key tasks of this month are reviewed as follows:

May 7    

On May 7, the relevant person in charge of Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce western center visited the promotion association. He introduced that its Alibaba international platform can help companies expand overseas sales channels and build international sales networks. The person in charge of the Association said that he is very happy to cooperate with Alibaba to help companies expand new business channels under the new situation, and is willing to share information about Alibaba International Station with member units.      

May 8    

On May 8, the person in charge of our association had a discussion with relevant leaders of the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The two parties communicated on the recent work plan, and arranged and deployed the preparations for the 7th Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition, the 5th Chengdu Smart Expo, the 11th China (Sichuan)-South Asia, and Southeast Asia Business Leaders Summit. .      

May 11    

On May 11, under the organization of the Sri Lanka office, the person in charge of our association held a remote video conference with Mr. Nawaz, the founding chairman of the Sri Lanka Micro and Small Business Alliance. Chairman Nawaz said that due to the '4.21' bombing and the new crown epidemic, Sri Lanka's economy is in a downturn and the industrial sector is sluggish. I hope to continue in-depth cooperation with the Association to revitalize the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in 25 districts in Sri Lanka. The person in charge of the Association said that he is willing to carry out long-term friendly cooperation with the SME Alliance. At present, the two parties intend to sign a memorandum of cooperation to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation.      

May 12    

On May 12, the person in charge of our association visited the member unit Chengdu Jinsi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to learn about the latest progress of the Sri Lanka black tea project, and to discuss and promote the follow-up cooperation. The person in charge of Jinsi Culture stated that he has communicated with the China Tea Research Center on innovative technologies and intends to innovate traditional Sri Lankan black tea to create new tea products. The relevant specific work is currently in close negotiation with Sri Lanka.      

May 13    

In order to help traditional industries 'transform' and 'self-help', and realize the new business development model of 'online + offline', on May 13th, I will organize a sharing session on 'How traditional industries can break through e-commerce platforms under the new situation' Salon, invited e-commerce industry giants-ByteDance Sichuan branch representatives to share e-commerce products and tools, e-commerce drainage logic, and related e-commerce promotion cases to representatives of participating companies.      

May 14    

On May 14, our delegation went to Mianyang Changhong Group headquarters for investigation. Luo Guangqiang, Director of the Internationalization Promotion Department of Sichuan Changhong Electronics Holding Group Co., Ltd. and other leaders warmly received the representatives of our association. The two parties reached important cooperation consensus on the complementary advantages of domestic and foreign resources, overseas international marketing platforms, international brand building, overseas promotion of 'Made in Sichuan', and overseas talent training and reserve.      

May 15    

On May 15th, our staff went to Zitong City of Mianyang to carry out patriotic team building activities. Feel the passion burning years up close and understand how scientific researchers successfully developed the 'two bombs' under the difficult environment at the time. They used their youth, sweat and even life to forge the spirit of 'two bombs and one star' and stood up. The steel backbone of the Chinese nation.      

May 19    

On May 19th, under the organization of the Pakistan office, the person in charge of our association held a remote video conference with Ms. Hina, the former secretary-general of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ms. Hina said that due to the impact of the epidemic, various economic activities in Pakistan are currently being carried out slowly. She hopes to continue to strengthen contacts with China, with a view to helping Pakistani companies resume economic and trade cooperation with Sichuan as soon as possible. The person in charge of the Association said that he is willing to actively play a role as a bridge to promote the development of various economic and trade cooperation between Sichuan enterprises and Pakistan. At the same time, the office of the Association in Pakistan will also wholeheartedly provide services for the economic and trade exchanges and project cooperation between the two places. At the meeting, the two parties also communicated on matters related to Pakistan's agent sales of XGIMI products.      

May 20    

On May 20, the '2020 Qingbaijiang District Global Strategic Partner Signing and Unveiling Ceremony' was grandly held. At the event site, the Qingbaijiang District People’s Government of Chengdu and DTZ, American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation and other 12 world-renowned organizations and business associations signed strategic cooperation agreements; on the same day, Chengdu Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation The Qingbaijiang Office of the Promotion Association was formally established. The person in charge of the association was invited to attend relevant activities.      

May 21   

On May 21, I will visit Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce western center, and Mr. Zhang from the Merchant Operations Department warmly received my party. After helping companies develop international markets through Alibaba International Station, the two parties in this symposium reached a consensus on holding e-commerce platform sharing salons, aiming to share cross-border e-commerce trends, industry big data, international buyer distribution, and sourcing from China. Information on the market distribution of the product's buyers. Currently, the event is in close preparations.      

May 21    

On May 21st, Mr. Jia Tao, vice chairman of the Great Southwest Tea City Tea Merchants Committee and general manager of the Great Southwest Tea Industry Association, visited the promotion association. The person in charge of the Association introduced the situation of Sri Lanka's black tea industry, product characteristics, and cooperation models to President Jia. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation between Chengdu and Sri Lanka in tea trade and other fields. Mr. Jia said that I am very grateful for the project information I will provide for him. After the epidemic, he will plan to go to Sri Lanka for field inspection.      

May 22    

On May 22, the person in charge of our association went to Chengdu Jimi Technology Co., Ltd., the vice chairman unit, for investigation. At present, under the promotion of our association, the third batch of orders from XGIMI and related institutions in Bhutan has been basically confirmed. XGIMI has provided solutions to the technical problems related to national distance education raised by Bhutan. In this survey, representatives of our association had a detailed understanding of technical solutions and specific operation methods.      

May 27    

On May 27th, Director Liang Yajun of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Aerospace Star Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as '503') visited our association. Director Liang introduced the company's products (including military and civilian products) to our association and expressed the hope that through our association, we will strengthen cooperation with Southeast Asia and South Asia in the fields of communication, remote sensing, navigation, drones, and distance education. The person in charge of our association said that through years of hard work at home and abroad, many Sichuan enterprises in the same field have reached cooperation with overseas projects. 503 can feed back specific project needs to our association, and I will try our best to support it.      

New offices in the Americas (in preparation)    

Since 2017, our association has continued to promote economic and trade exchanges between Chengdu and Mexico and other American regions. Over the years, we have cooperated with the Mexican Federation of Overseas Chinese, the Asia-Pacific Office of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chilean Small and Medium Enterprise Economic and Trade Association, the Colombian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Colombia's Iva The Georgia Municipal Government, the Colombian Chinese Chamber of Investment and Trade, and the Uruguay 21st Century Investment Promotion Agency have maintained good friendship. In order to build a two-way communication, exchange and cooperation bridge between Chengdu and the American countries, promote the development of cross-border integration of industries, and promote more and better project cooperation between the two places, at present, we plan to set up an overseas office in the Americas, and relevant work is in order. in.      

Project promotion    

This month, we will actively participate in projects such as the Sri Lanka black tea project, the Bhutan special commodity e-commerce cooperation project, the Tianqi equipment company’s Sichuan transportation equipment export project to North and Central America, Sri Lanka's procurement of nitrile gloves, and Sri Lanka's state-owned enterprises seeking formaldehyde suppliers. promote.

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