Wonderful review of work in April

In April, on the basis of continuing to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation at home and abroad, we will overcome the impact of the epidemic. The Sri Lanka office, the Pakistan office, and the Bhutan office will promote the normal development of various tasks and work in the enterprise Outstanding results have been achieved in service and domestic and overseas project cooperation. The key tasks of this month are reviewed as follows:    

April 15    

On April 15th, under the promotion of our association, the agent of Bhutan XGIMI brought XGIMI screenless projection equipment to visit the Prime Minister of Bhutan and the Minister of Health. The Prime Minister spoke highly of XGIMI's products and arranged for his secretary to contact the Ministry of Education, United Nations Office, Ministry of Information Technology and other agencies to order products from XGIMI. At present, XGIMI has received the second order from Bhutan, and the third order of 1,000 units for distance education in Bhutan is also being intensively brewed as the technical problem is resolved.     

April 17    

On April 17, the relevant personnel of our association visited the member unit Chengdu Jinsi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Since August 2019, we will actively promote the cooperation between Sri Lanka black tea and Jinsi Culture. After half a year of multi-party promotion and overcoming work difficulties during the special period of the epidemic, our headquarters and the Sri Lanka office cooperated at home and abroad to promote the project to make phased progress. The person in charge of Jinsi Culture stated that he will use Ceylon black tea × national treasure panda, the cultural collision of two world-class IPs as a cooperative idea to develop cultural and creative products and create related consumption scenarios.      

April 17    

On April 17, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce held the “2020 Service Industry Development Support Policy Project Application Meeting”. The meeting arranged and deployed the application of municipal service industry special funds in 2020. Representatives of our association actively participated in the meeting and related The policy declaration conditions, declaration requirements, and declaration platform operation procedures have been studied. At present, our association has completed the submission of 3 project application materials in 2019 according to the application requirements.      

April 18    

On April 18th, in order to further improve the comprehensive ability of our employees, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our society conducted special training on business English skills, overseas customer communication skills, and cultural and religious taboos in South Asian countries.      

April 19    

This month, in response to the impact of the epidemic, our Sri Lanka office sent a letter of greetings to Mr. Su Mudu, the first consul of the former Sri Lankan Consulate in Chengdu. Mr. Su Mudu expressed that he is very grateful for the concern and care of the leaders of the Association. He missed his life in Chengdu very much and hoped to continue to deepen the profound friendship with the Association that he has accumulated over the years through the office of the Association.      

April 20    

This month, in response to the impact of the epidemic, our office in Pakistan sent a letter to Mr. Tipu, Director of the China Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. During his tenure as the Consul General of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Chengdu, Mr. Tip established a profound friendship with the Association. After the establishment of our office in Pakistan, the friendly interaction between the two sides has gradually deepened. At the same time, he also greeted Mr. Junijiu, former commercial consul of the Pakistani Consulate General in Chengdu. 

April 21    

On April 21, the person-in-charge of our association held discussions and exchanges with experts and scholars related to the “Belt and Road” subject research. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on providing enterprises with comprehensive risk consultation on project cooperation in countries along the 'Belt and Road', and focused on discussions on Pakistan's economic and trade environment and business environment.      

April 22    

After the successful landing of the XGIMI screenless projection project in Bhutan, in response to the needs of relevant parties in Bhutan, this month I will actively promote the project of carrying Bhutan specialty products on Sichuan-related e-commerce platforms to help bring more Bhutan’s natural and original high-quality products Lead into Sichuan.      

April 21-22    

From April 21st to 22nd, the person in charge of our association went to Yibin City XGIMI Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. for a field visit. Learn more about XGIMI's production workshops, workshops, and product production lines in Yibin. As a high-quality representative of the province’s new economy enterprises, XGIMI has successfully developed markets in South Asia, Europe, Latin America and other regions under the promotion of our association. In the future, it will continue to increase R&D investment in order to continue to introduce more innovative products that consumers love. Further increase the market share in the international similar products.      

April 23    

On April 23, the person in charge of the Association and Mr. Lu Wan, Chairman of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a remote video conference. Representatives from the Sri Lanka office attended the meeting. Mr. Luwan gave a briefing on the current situation of the new crown epidemic in Sri Lanka, and thanked our association for always caring him and his family. At the meeting, the two parties also conducted in-depth exchanges on the re-election of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the opening of the office building of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the sales of XGIMI in Sri Lanka.      

April 26    

On April 26, at the invitation of Ms. Hina, the former secretary-general of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the representative of the Pakistan Office of the Association and Ms. Hina had a discussion and exchange. The two parties communicated and exchanged on the ongoing XGIMI screenless projection, Pakistani electric vehicle import, and dental equipment import projects. As early as when Ms. Hina worked in SAARC, she established a deep and sincere friendship with the Association. For many years, I have maintained friendly contact with me for a long time. No matter at work or in life, I will be sincere and close friends. During this special period of the epidemic, her care for the staff of our association further reflects this friendship.      

April 26    

This month, for XGIMI’s Pakistan sales, under the promotion of our association, the head of the overseas sales department of XGIMI, the relevant person in charge of Pakistan, and our Pakistan office held several video conferences on XGIMI’s sales market in Pakistan. Detailed exchanges on environment, sales model, customs clearance procedures, etc.      

April 27    

On April 27th, representatives of our association visited Beijing DeHeng (Chengdu) Law Firm, a member unit, and had discussions with the person in charge of the firm. Our representatives will have a detailed understanding of whether the epidemic has affected the business of the law firm. In addition, the two sides conducted professional seminars/salons/lectures for the foreign trade industry or engineering industry of the “Belt and Road” countries such as Nepal, Laos, and Myanmar.      

April 28    

On April 28th, General Manager Yang of the China Region of Mexico American Industrial Group visited our association. The group has a large number of industrial parks and incubators in Mexico, and intends to seek Chinese companies to settle in the industrial parks and incubators, and can provide relevant tax and preferential policies. The person in charge of the association stated that the association has maintained close cooperative relations with relevant institutions in Latin America for many years, and has assisted Sichuan enterprises in carrying out a number of economic and trade exchange activities with Latin America and achieved good results. It is hoped that both parties will establish a cooperative relationship through this, and jointly promote activities such as online and offline visits to Mexico themed publicity activities, economic and trade inspections and exchanges, and build a platform for the two places to improve the level of economic and trade cooperation.

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