Wonderful review of work in March

In March, under the influence of the new crown epidemic in many countries around the world, the promotion committee actively did a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic at home and abroad. The foreign offices vigorously played an active role, coordinated with the domestic headquarters, and focused on providing services for overseas Chinese-funded enterprises in special periods , Integrate relevant domestic and foreign resources, minimize the impact of the epidemic on companies’ domestic and foreign businesses, and help companies speed up the resumption of work and production. Provide information on domestic anti-epidemic material channels for relevant overseas institutions/enterprises, actively share China’s anti-epidemic experience, and help each other to help all countries overcome the difficulties together. The key tasks in March are now reviewed as follows:

March 5    

On March 5, the SAARC Federation of Industry and Commerce sent a letter of condolences to the Promotion Association to cheer for the Chinese people who are fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In a reply to the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Secretary-General of the Association expressed his gratitude to Chairman Luwan and the South Asian countries for their concern and assistance to China’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, and to the South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its long-term economic and trade exchanges with Chengdu and China and South Asian countries. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the efforts and contributions made by the cooperation.        

March 11    

On March 11, under the vigorous promotion of the Bhutan Office of the Promotion Association, the first batch of screenless projection products from the Chengdu New Economy Enterprise Representative and Vice President Unit of the Promotion Association 'XGIMI Technology' arrived in Thimphu, Bhutan. It marks the official opening of XGIMI's market layout in Bhutan, and it also means that XGIMI's overseas market share has expanded again. Through 6 months of in-depth communication, especially after the official opening of the Office of the Promotion Association in Bhutan, it played a more active role in internal and external communication and coordination, and finally the project was successfully implemented. In the special period of the global spread of the new crown epidemic, the promotion committee, through multi-party resource coordination, finally ensured the smooth arrival of the first batch of screenless projection products in Bhutan.      

March 15   

In order to make full use of both domestic and foreign resources and two markets, and realize the liberalization of cross-border financing, on March 15th, the Promotion Committee held a conference call with relevant experts from the National Bank of Bhutan, Hong Kong-related financial companies, the People's Bank of China, and China Banking Regulatory Bureau , To discuss the establishment of foreign banks/institutions in free trade zones encouraged by the state.      

March 17    

In order to further deepen the economic and trade cooperation between Chengdu and Bhutan, promote the development of Bhutan’s tourism industry, and let more people know about the 'mysterious country', this month, the Promotion Association and relevant Bhutanese institutions set up a Bhutan Visa Chengdu Pickup Center in Chengdu. Actively communicate and discuss.        

March 19    

On March 18, in order to further strengthen the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, implement the policy of 'prevention first and safety first', maintain the normal operation of various tasks in overseas offices, and ensure the health and life safety of overseas employees , The Promotion Association formulated the 'Overseas Offices New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Plan' and 'Overseas Offices Special Emergency Plan for Epidemic Prevention and Control' to strengthen guidance on various epidemic prevention and control work in overseas offices.      

Sri Lanka Office    As of March 30, Sri Lanka had a total of 122 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia. In response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Sri Lanka has imposed a curfew on the island from the 20th of this month. As Sri Lanka enters a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, all colleagues in the Sri Lanka office of our Association still stay at the front line and contact Chinese companies in Sri Lanka one by one through WeChat, telephone, email, etc. to ensure the safety of Chinese companies in Sri Lanka. Actively collect the needs of enterprises, and share masks and other items with relevant Chinese-funded enterprises in Sri Lanka when their own anti-epidemic materials are limited.        

Pakistan Office    As of the evening of March 30, Pakistan has accumulated 1,731 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. Our colleagues in Pakistan actively contacted the domestic anti-epidemic medical supplies channels for the Pakistani brothers, and taught China’s anti-epidemic experience to help Pakistan overcome the difficulties and overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. At the same time, during this special period, the Pakistan office received intimate condolences from the former secretary-general of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms. Hina. Not only did he send defensive materials, but also said that it could assist the office to provide Chinese companies in Pakistan with all the information during the epidemic. Emergency assistance needed.        

Sichuan Famous, Excellent and Special Products Overseas Exhibition Center    In order to further enhance the level of 'Made in Chengdu' going global, strengthen the brand awareness of Sichuan famous and special products abroad, and expand the international market share, since 2019, the Promotion Association has established a 'Sichuan Famous and Special Products Display Platform' relying on overseas offices. It has been warmly welcomed by relevant overseas institutions and enterprises, and has also been affirmed by the platform enterprises. In pursuit of victory, this year, the Promotion Association has continuously enriched the product categories and catalogs of the platform. Currently, Huiji Foods, XGIMI Screenless TV, Dandan Douban, Fan Saguang, and Spicy Space have all been launched on the platform. This has further enriched the work functions of overseas offices and added an important window for the external promotion of Sichuan's famous and special products.        

Promote domestic and overseas project cooperation    

Referred by the Bhutan Office of the Promotion Association and relevant representatives of Bhutan, recently, an enterprise in Chengdu and relevant Nepalese institutions reached a cooperation agreement on the Nepal tunnel project (with a budget of 88 million US dollars).      

Promote domestic and overseas project cooperation     

Following the promotion of the export of 'Made in Chengdu' electric vehicles to Latin America in 2019, in March, the Promotion Association continued to actively promote the export of Sichuan transportation equipment products. Promote Tianqi Aviation Management Consulting Company, Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd. (Shudu Bus) and Sichuan Province Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Emei Bus) to reach cooperation intentions on the export of related transportation equipment to North and Central America.        

Mid to late March    

In mid-to-late March, with the continuous spread of overseas epidemics, in response to the urgently needed overseas anti-epidemic medical supplies, the Promotion Association actively coordinated relevant domestic corporate resources. The statistical collection includes Sichuan Railway Investment Guangrun Logistics Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Xinaoguan Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yiwei Clothing Co., Ltd. and many other companies related to the epidemic prevention resources, and the first time to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Norway, etc. Related national institutions, business associations and enterprises to share. At present, Sichuan Railway Investment Guangrun Logistics Co., Ltd. and the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce have entered the communication stage on the next specific work.      March 20    

On March 20th, the person in charge of the promotion committee had a discussion with Lei Xuejie, vice chairman of the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The two parties will jointly play the role of a platform to promote the province's foreign economic and trade work, help Sichuanese enterprises to find business opportunities, explore foreign markets and other related work, and make full use of the China (Sichuan)-South Asia and Southeast Asia Business Leaders Summit platform for the next step As well as the advantageous resources of both parties, the expansion and strengthening of economic and trade cooperation between our province and South Asian countries are discussed.        

March 26    

On March 26, Chengdu International Railway Port Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Chengdu International Railway Train Co., Ltd. and the Promotion Association held a forum. The promotion committee learned about the impact of the new crown epidemic on China-Europe Express services, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on relevant response measures. At the same time, Chengdu has made early preparations for accelerating the construction of southbound corridors, enhancing interconnection capabilities, and enhancing the level of economic and trade cooperation between Chengdu and South Asia and Southeast Asia, and cultivating southbound railway transportation capacity for communication.        

●●● 2020 ●●●    On March 30, the first Chinese media in Sri Lanka published 'A Letter to Sri Lankans' by Liao Yu, a staff member of the Sri Lanka Office of the Association. After experiencing a difficult period of domestic epidemic prevention and control, Liao Yu once again experienced the most severe stage of Sri Lanka's epidemic prevention and control. In the letter, she shared China’s experience in fighting the epidemic and her personal response to the government’s request to actively cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic to the people of Lanka. She conveyed to the people of Lanka the confidence to overcome the epidemic with her most sincere feelings. And determination.

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