Fight the epidemic together, we go all out

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia, the Chengdu Council for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the 'Promotion Council') has attached great importance to it, quickly responded to the Party Central Committee’s decision and deployment requirements, fully implemented the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s deployment of epidemic prevention and control, and timely All prevention and control work has been implemented, and multiple measures have been taken to prevent and control the epidemic. At the same time, we will actively do a good job in various corporate services and actively respond to epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and economic and social development on the other.



Quickly set up a work leading group

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Promotion Association established a leading group for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the first time, with the secretary-general as the team leader, the deputy secretary-general as the deputy team leader, and the heads of various departments to clearly divide the labor and prepare overseas medical supplies. Contact, domestic enterprise services, and public opinion guidance for epidemic prevention and control.


Actively do a good job in contacting overseas medical supplies

Actively respond to the government's call and have the courage to assume social responsibility. Using the advantageous resources accumulated overseas for many years, as well as the offices in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bhutan, we have communicated and coordinated with multiple parties to actively communicate and contact the medical supplies urgently needed for Sichuan epidemic prevention. At the same time, contact with overseas Sichuanese enterprises as soon as possible, to show concern and condolences to their local situation, and to seek channels and resources for domestic medical supplies through Sichuanese enterprises. Through a lot of meticulous communication, especially relying on the vigorous efforts of the left-behind colleagues in the Sri Lanka office, with the support of the Sri Lanka Prime Minister's Office, relevant overseas business associations, and Sichuanese enterprises, various tasks have been carried out quickly and smoothly. As of February 12, nearly 50 overseas institutions/enterprises from more than ten countries including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, the United States, France, South Africa, Colombia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Finland, and Thailand have clearly stated that they can provide sources of goods for the epidemic , Providing valuable medical resources channels for Chengdu to fight the epidemic in a timely manner. volume_up content_copy  share



Actively do a good job in corporate condolences and public opinion advocacy

Constantly strengthen service awareness, take the initiative to do a good job in service work, and do everything possible to find solutions to the problems of resuming work and shortage of medical resources faced by enterprises in special times. Promote and explain the relevant policy documents of the state to solve the production pressure of enterprises in a timely manner, and plan the deployment of relevant projects in advance, and do everything possible to help enterprises overcome difficulties. At the same time, timely publicize the latest developments in epidemic prevention and control to enterprises and employees, guide the masses not to spread rumors, believe in rumors, and not to spread rumors, strengthen the publicity and interpretation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and effectively enhance social confidence and self-protection capabilities of the people.


24-hour online 'cloud' office

The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility. All employees of the promotion committee keep in mind their original mission, take the initiative to take responsibility, strictly implement 24-hour online “cloud” office, and fully resume work. In special periods, they have put forward higher requirements and standards for the development of various tasks. Face up to the difficulties, give the greatest support to the prevention and control work, and unite the strong forces that unite and overcome the difficulties together.


Disasters are merciless, there is love in the world, we are in the same boat through storm and storm, watching and helping each other. Currently, we are entering the peak period of returning to work and school after the Spring Festival, which is also a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. The promotion will continue to shoulder the responsibility, consolidate the hard-won prevention and control results, continue to effectively respond to challenges, and stand with the government and enterprises at all times to completely win this blocking battle.

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