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A sudden epidemic affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. In response to the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, Sichuan Province launched the first-level emergency response to public health emergencies on January 24. The Chengdu Council for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation actively responded to the government's call, bravely shouldered social responsibilities, and cooperated with various epidemic prevention Control work.

众志成城 我们在行动

At present, the Promotion Association actively uses the advantageous resources accumulated overseas for many years, as well as the offices in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bhutan to communicate and coordinate with multiple parties to actively communicate and contact the medical supplies urgently needed for Sichuan epidemic prevention. At the same time, point-to-point discussions and exchanges with relevant persons in charge of overseas institutions/commercial associations in Chengdu, reminding them to do a good job of defense work, and seek active help on medical supplies required for the epidemic according to relevant documents of the Provincial Department of Commerce.

Through a lot of meticulous communication, especially relying on the vigorous efforts of the left-behind colleagues in the Sri Lanka office, with the support of the Sri Lanka Prime Minister's Office and relevant overseas business associations, various tasks have been carried out quickly and smoothly. As of January 28, 4 overseas companies have clearly stated that they can provide sources of goods for the epidemic. The specific information is as follows:

1. Country: Sri Lanka  

Company name: Sri Chin Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd  

Email address: drcyril@srichin.com.  

The company said it can supply one million surgical masks within 10 days.

2. Country: Sri Lanka  

Company name: Dispowear (pvt.) Ltd.  

Email address: Info@dispowear.lk  Phone: 0094 11 4283828  

Protective clothing available

3. Country: India  

Company name: Thea-Tex™ Healthcare (India)  

Pvt. Ltd.  

Tel: 0091-250-6450283 /6452358 / 2480289/3295393  

Email: contact@thea-tex.com, theatex.healthcare@gmail.com  

Can supply ordinary protective masks, N95 masks and protective clothing

4. Country: Sri Lanka  

Company name: Puritas (private) Limited  

Email: yct@haycarb.com  Phone: 0094 77 7304899  

Can provide dust filter and activated carbon filter mask


The above information on the supply of overseas medical resources has been fed back to the relevant institutions as soon as possible, and the two parties are already in close contact. At the same time, the Promotion Association actively liaises with relevant government agencies, business associations and enterprises in Europe and the Americas. Since its economic and trade promotion activities in Finland, Colombia and other countries in 2017, the Promotion Association has maintained close contact with relevant overseas institutions for a long time and invited He went to Chengdu to carry out economic and trade exchange activities. Today, the relevant business associations and companies in Colombia have made it clear that they can provide the resources needed for the epidemic, and the promotion association is currently in further contact.    

Our compatriots are even more compatriots. Our hearts are beating with those of the people in the epidemic area, and we work hard with all Chinese people, including doctors, pharmacists, and nurses across the country. I believe that we will work together to overcome the difficulties together, and the day of spring will come soon.

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