The Promotion Association and his party visited the Bensena family and presented New Year gifts

On January 8, when the Chinese Lunar New Year was approaching, the Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAFTEC) and the Lao China Economic and Trade Promotion Association (LCETPA) went to the Pensena family to visit Mr. Samano Pensena (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos) Guining Benshena's second son), sent him condolences during the Spring Festival, wishing him and his family a happy new year, good health, and a happy family! At the same time, he solemnly handed over a calligraphy work of 'Chinese and Old Love' by Mr. Li Shurong, a well-known calligrapher in Chengdu.


Just as the work says 'to travel thousands of miles in every mountain, bridge to five continents by water', with the joint efforts of the people of China and Laos, the China-Laos railway will be officially opened to traffic in December 2021. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Pensena family for their contributions to the friendship between China and Laos. He also said that in the future work, the promotion will continue to uphold the spirit of the predecessors, not forget the original aspiration, live up to the youth, and make unremitting efforts to build a solid and unbreakable community with a shared future for China and the old!


Attached to the introduction of the Bensena family  

In April 1963, during the Laos War of Resistance against the United States and National Salvation, Guining Pencena, who was then the foreign minister of the Lao coalition government, was assassinated by reactionary forces. With the help of Premier Zhou Enlai and Foreign Minister Chen Yi, the Chinese side brought Mrs. Pencena and Mrs. Nine children received study and life in China.  

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos Guining Phenchena’s eldest son Gancho, fourth daughter Kaiyun, second son Samano (owner in the picture), third son Song Ma (current Minister of Lao Natural Resources and Environment), fourth son Song Mark, and five Nv Kai Mani (current Minister of Industry and Trade of Laos), the fifth son Song Bao, and the sixth son Song Peng lived and studied in Beijing in the 1960s. They attended Beihai Kindergarten, Shijia Primary School and Bayi School. At Bayi School, they met with the Chinese President Xi Jinping when they were a student, and began a friendship that spanned the century. On November 14, 2017, during a state visit to Laos by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and President Xi Jinping, he specially arranged time to meet with all the friends of the Laos Penzana family.


Ms. Khemmani Pholsena, Minister of Industry and Trade of Laos, has been to Chengdu many times to participate in the South Asian (Pan-Asian) Capacity Cooperation (Chengdu) Dialogue, and has maintained a deep friendship with the Promotion Association for a long time.  

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