Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation 2019 Annual General

On November 27th, the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the third general meeting was successfully held. Representatives from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, chairman units, vice-chairmen units, governing units and member units attended the meeting.


At the meeting, on behalf of the second council, the secretary-general delivered a work report on 'not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission' to the conference. The report builds a platform to help Chengdu enterprises 'go global' to open up overseas markets; build bridges to 'bring in' overseas enterprises and institutions to settle in Chengdu; promote cooperation and actively plan and organize various international economic and trade exchange activities; strengthen quality and continuously improve their own construction The four aspects of the level introduced the work of the current council in detail, carefully summarized the specific measures and remarkable achievements in the process of promoting Chengdu's foreign economic and trade cooperation in the past five years, and shared the work of the overseas offices in Sri Lanka. , The report was rich in content, distinctive features, and accurate data, and was highly praised by the participants.      

In accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the General Assembly also reviewed and approved the Articles of Association of the Chengdu Council for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (2019 revised edition); and conducted public elections for the members of the third council and representatives of supervisors.  

During the adjournment of the General Assembly, the first meeting of the third council of the Promotion Association was successfully held. The chairman, vice-chairmen, secretary-general, special secretary-general and other representatives were elected at the meeting. The person in charge of the new board of directors said that he will continue to perform his duties earnestly under the guidance of relevant departments at higher levels, under the leadership of the president unit, under the cooperation and cooperation of the board of directors, and with the strong support of member units. Join forces, unite and forge ahead, and contribute to the new situation of Chengdu's foreign economic and trade cooperation.

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