Wonderful Night in Silicon Valley-AngelList Chief Strategy Officer's Investment Logic Sharing Salon

On the evening of October 14, the Silicon Valley Wonderful Night-AngelList Chief Strategy Officer's Investment Logic Sharing Salon jointly organized by Chengdu Council for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Pegasus Tech Ventures, AWS JIC, Startup Grind, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce was successfully held in Chengdu Europe Center. On-site sharing of dry goods continues, wonderful again and again.


At the event, Michael Daugherty, the former chief strategy officer of AngelList, the world's largest early-stage venture capital platform, discussed with the audience from his career experience at AngelList, how startups are favored by investors, and the core elements of corporate survival and development in the new situation. Zero distance communication.


AngelList's career experience sharing    

Talking about his professional experience at AngelList, Michael said that when he joined, the team was trying to explore the best operation and growth model, and everyone actively contributed their ideas and strength. From the initial fuzzy prototype to a high-quality platform, it is an extremely long and challenging exploration process. After gradually getting on the right track, corporate culture plays a crucial factor. He especially emphasized that clarifying the needs of customers and proposing feasible and effective solutions are the most effective ways to cultivate loyal customers.    

How startups gain investors' favor    

Michael said that when choosing to invest, a good team is a kind of capital for investors and a capital for obtaining information. Teams with decisive decision-making and strong execution will be more favored. From the investor's perspective, a comprehensive and profound understanding of the target market and the target company team is a necessary condition.    

Under the new situation, the core element of enterprise survival and development    

Michael said that in the current unpredictable environment, with ingenuity, focusing on one's own field and doing one thing well, you are not afraid of being eliminated by the market. This is also the hard power that a company needs most. In terms of soft power, companies need to clarify their customer groups and their specific demands, and provide practical solutions, which are the foundation of survival and development.



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