The Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (formerly the Chengdu Association for the Promotion of South Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation) was established in 2011. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the tenet of 'serving the government and serving enterprises', adhering to the development policy of 'going out' and 'bringing in', actively serving domestic Foreign companies provide information consultation, economic and trade exchanges, project docking, comprehensive services and other economic and trade promotion services; actively build economic and trade exchange platforms to help Chengdu companies find business opportunities, open up overseas markets, and promote foreign companies (institutions) to settle in Chengdu; promote the development of Chengdu companies, Resource sharing and win-win cooperation, in order to promote project cooperation, deepen enterprise economic and trade exchanges, participate in the “Belt and Road” construction, and further integrate into the global industrial system and economic system; actively grasp the country’s new round of new opportunities for opening up, and thoroughly implement provinces and cities. The strategic deployment of 'Four-Way Expansion and Global Opening-up' will focus on the south, enhance the east, deepen the west, and expand the north to accelerate the construction of a three-dimensional and comprehensive opening pattern in Chengdu. At present, many overseas offices have been established in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, America, Nepal (under construction), Bangladesh (under construction), etc.

China Social Organization Assessment Level 5A

Introduction Introduction


Service object 

With nearly 100 business associations in more than 30 countries abroad,  More than 150 foreign government agencies  More than 500 overseas companies  More than 20 consulates in Chengdu and overseas institutions in Chengdu have established economic and trade cooperation links  Provided foreign economic and trade services for more than 1,000 enterprises in Chengdu.

Service Content

Information Consulting

Integrate important information such as domestic and foreign economic and trade support policies, project cooperation information, laws and regulations, and overseas financial services, and establish domestic and foreign enterprise catalogs and project databases to provide enterprises with information and consulting services.


Use its own and external publicity channels and platforms to conduct irregular publicity to member companies; publicize and popularize legal, economic, technical and business knowledge related to foreign economic and trade.

Economic and Trade Exchange

Plan and organize domestic and foreign economic and trade forums, promotion and matching meetings, economic and trade activities, learning and training, industry salons, and excellent enterprise selection activities to promote economic and trade connection; collect domestic and foreign economic and trade investment project information to promote project connection.

Resource docking

Keep close contact with relevant domestic and foreign government departments, financial institutions, consular agencies, trade promotion agencies, international organizations, and chambers of commerce to share resources; promote cooperation intentions, provide related services, and continuously promote enterprises to 'go global.' 


Wonderful moments | brand meeting

Chengdu Procurement Signing Ceremony for the Second China International Import Expo and Business Environment Promotion Conference

The first China International Import Expo Chengdu procurement signing ceremony and opening policy briefing

2014-2018 Held the South Asian (Pan-Asian) Capacity Cooperation (Chengdu) Dialogue for five consecutive years

2018 Chengdu Enterprise Group 'Going Global' Experience Exchange Symposium

2017 China-Europe Railway Express Railway Russia Special Line Promotion Conference

2016 Chengdu and Pan-Asian Countries (Regions) Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum

2011 China (Chengdu) South Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation Project Matchmaking and Fair and Chengdu South Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Association Establishment Conference


Wonderful moments | economic and trade activities

Since its establishment, the Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation has organized more than 2,000 representatives from more than 800 companies to carry out economic and trade exchange activities at home and abroad. Domestically, nearly a thousand brand meetings, seminars, and salon activities were held with governments, business associations, and companies to 'bring in' high-quality overseas resources and projects; overseas, to promote Chengdu companies and South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, etc. The Chinese government, business associations, and enterprises negotiated and matched, and actively accelerated the pace of 'going out'. Taking the project as the starting point, a large number of projects such as the Nepal Hydropower Project of Chuankai Group, the Hambantota Port Project of Sri Lanka, and the South American Project of High Energy Blasting Engineering Chengdu Company have been promoted, which has played a positive role in promoting international exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.

Wonderful moments | brand exhibition

2019 Paris International Aviation Exhibition

2019 Chengdu South Asia Purchasing Trade Expo

2018 Farnborough International Aviation Exhibition

2016 The 3rd Chengdu Daily Consumer Goods Expo and the 4th Chengdu South Asia Commodity Fair

2012, 2013 China (Chengdu) South Asia Commodity Fair

Chengdu Association for the Promotion of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation

Deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and promote common development


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Overseas offices in Pakistan

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