Vice Chairman Unit: Chengdu XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:XGIMI Technology is the abbreviation of Smart Projector Manufacturer Chengdu XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in November 2013, it is a well-known smart projector manufacturer in China. The company is located at No.501, 5th Floor, Building 7, Area A, Tianfu Software Park, 1129 Century City Road, Chengdu High-tech Zone. XGIMI is committed to providing consumers with excellent performance and high-quality smart projection products. 'Birth for freedom' is the product philosophy of XGIMI.

A brief history:

In November 2013, XGIMI Technology was formally established.  

In March 2014, XGIMI put forward the product concept of 'screenless TV'.  

In April 2014, XGIMI released the first screenless TV Z3, which has a built-in Android smart system and MStar chip. The screen can be arbitrarily changed between 30-180 inches, supports high-definition 3D function, can realize wireless Internet access and multi-screen interaction.  

In July 2014, XGIMI entered the Mall and set a new sales record for JD projection category in more than one month. On November 11, 2014, XGIMI participated in Double Eleven for the first time. In 2014, XGIMI established an optical laboratory.  

In December 2015, Analysys think tank data showed that the market share of XGIMI's screenless TV in China's smart micro-projection equipment shipments was 51.4% in 2015. Compared with international manufacturers, the shipment volume of XGIMI from the first quarter to the fourth quarter of 2015 surpassed the traditional international giant LG.  

In December 2015, XGIMI screenless TV Z4Air won the Good Design Selection Award in Korea.  

In July 2016, XGIMI was selected as the 'Top 50 Most Valuable Startup Companies' by more than ten mainstream VCs including Sequoia, Jingwei, IDG, FreeS, Bertelsmann, GGV, Xianfeng Evergreen, and Shunwei. 

In July 2016, XGIMI established its first overseas office in Silicon Valley, responsible for the operation of XGIMI products in overseas markets.  

In November 2016, CES officially announced the 2017 Innovation Awards in New York. XGIMI screenless TVs Z4 Aurora and H1 both won. Among them, Z4 Aurora won the 'Best Innovation Award' in the 2017 CES portable player and accessory product category, and H1 won the 2017 CES 'Innovation Award' in the high-performance home audio-visual product category.  In March 2017, XGIMI Screenless TV H1 won the Red Dot Product Design Award and the iF Design Award.  

In September 2017, Zhong Bo was selected into the 2017 'China's 40 Business Elites Under 40' list by the business magazine 'Fortune' (Chinese version).  

On November 10, 2017, the Consumer Technology Association (CEA) announced the list of CES award-winning products: XGIMI Laser TV A1 Pro and XGIMI Screenless TV CC Aurora both won the Innovation Award. Among them, A1 Pro won the 2018 CES home audio-visual equipment and accessories category innovation award, and CC Aurora won the 2018 CES portable player and accessories category innovation award.  

On November 11, 2017, the sales of XGIMI screenless TVs continued to increase for four consecutive years.  

In February 2018, XGIMI screenless TV CC Aurora won the 2018 iF Design Award. This is after winning the CES 2018 Innovation Award. CC Aurora again won the international award.  

In March 2018, XGIMI Screenless TV Z6, CC Aurora and Laser TV A1 won the Red Dot Product Design Award.  

In May 2018, XGIMI held a new product launch conference in Chengdu and released three new products, XGIMI screenless TV H2, H2 Slim and laser TV Hao·LUNE, and established an AI screenless laboratory with Baidu. Zhong Bo, Chairman and CEO of XGIMI, put forward the concept of 'price-quality ratio' at the press conference, expressing that XGIMI is committed to making products with a high price-quality ratio.

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