Vice Chairman Unit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Chengdu Branch

Since the establishment of the first Singapore representative office of an overseas institution in 1992, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has basically established an overseas business network spanning the six continents of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australia and major international financial centers. Up to now, overseas institutions cover 45 countries and regions, with 412 branches, and indirectly cover 20 countries and regions in Africa by holding shares in South African Standard Bank. In February 2015, it acquired the South African Standard Bank Group commodity and global financial market platform. A total of 41 overseas institutions have opened portals, 28 overseas institutions have the ability to provide online banking services, and 13 overseas institutions promote mobile banking services. Electronic banking accounts for more than 60%, becoming an important channel for customers in overseas markets. Our bank currently has 5 RMB clearing banks, ranking first among Chinese banks; it is the Chinese bank with the highest coverage of countries along the 'Belt and Road' planning belt, with 120 branches in 18 countries, of which: only ICBC covers There are 6 countries in the country (Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait), and the establishment of the Mongolia representative office has been initiated.  

The Chengdu Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the first-tier branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. with large assets in the western region. It is also a state-owned joint-stock commercial bank with a high level of operation and management, strong competitiveness in the industry and a good social image in Sichuan Province. Address: No. 9, Fanku Street, Section 2, Hongxing Road, Chengdu.

Special financial services for industrial and commercial overseas investment and financing:Special financing business (supporting financial advisory services), investment banking business, personal finance business and private banking business, international settlement and deposit business, letter of guarantee business under overseas projects, foreign exchange capital business, etc. 

slogan:Specialized cross-border, integrated global/ICBC specialized financing, 'going out' expert by your side.

Advantages of ICBC:Global services at your fingertips-45 countries, 5 continents, 422 branches; Headquarters specializes in professional and stable-has served 45 Chengdu enterprises, 62 overseas projects, with a total project value of more than 26 billion US dollars; rich and comprehensive product portfolio-cross-border Financing, cross-border guarantees, cross-border settlements, foreign exchange risk management, overseas listing and bond issuance, etc.


ICBC Chengdu Branch effectively supports the overseas development of local high-quality enterprises:

Tianqi Lithium acquired Australia's Terryson spodumene mine; 'China-Pakistan Business Forum' promoted a breakthrough in the marketing of Chuanqing Drilling Company; Sichuan Development 1 billion yuan 'Dim Sum Debt' project; China Micro (Chengdu) Investment Co., Ltd. overseas linkage ; Xingcheng Investment Group overseas project recommendation; New Hope Company Vietnam project, etc.


The companies served are:

Dongfang Electric, Tianqi Group, China Chengda Engineering Company, China Railway Second Bureau, Sichuan Energy Investment, Chengdu Bayi Furniture Group, Sichuan Road and Bridge, China Railway Second Academy, West China Group, Xingrong Investment, China Power Construction, China Hydropower, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd., Southwest Electric Power Design Institute of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, etc.

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