Chairman Unit: Chengdu Tianqi Machinery Minmetals Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Tianqi Minmetals(TQMMM)Belongs to Tianqi Group,The group organization structure includes:Tianqi Silicon Industry、TQC Netherlands、Tianqi Group Hong Kong, Tianqi Minmetals(Overseas company:Tianqi Equipment Company(TQC Canada)and(TQC India))、Eight companies including Youcai Technology, Runfeng Mining, and Tianqi Lithium。

Tianqi Minmetals is an experienced professional foreign trade import and export enterprise,Address: No. 11, Gaopeng East Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu。The company was founded in 1986. In 2001, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Since 2000, it has been rated as an 'AAA' credit enterprise by the banking system for six consecutive years, and has been awarded the honorary title of 'large taxpayer' by the government. Actively respond to the country’s call for “going out” and have been rated as a key export enterprise in Chengdu for many years, and have listed overseas achievements:

India: In 2015, the first branch in South Asia was established in Mumbai, India-TQC India Private Trading Co., Ltd.;

United States: Tianqi is the largest domestic distributor of the American Borax Group and the first batch of high-level certification enterprises by the customs;

Canada: In 2009, Tianqi Canada Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Montreal, Canada, and was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce as one of the overseas business representatives, and established a financing company with the local well-known Liu Senyan Group to explore the North and Central American markets;

Australia: It is the exclusive general agent of Yacuaral in China, importing tens of thousands of tons of Australian spodumene concentrate every year。

(1) Export products mainly include

A. Mechanical products: engineering and construction machinery, packaging machinery, etc. The company and the sales department of Chengdu Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., a large-scale key manufacturer of construction machinery in China, jointly established a joint export company-Chengdu Tianqi Chenggong Machinery Co., Ltd. Specialize in exporting all kinds of construction machinery products produced by Chenggong。

B. Chemical products: lithium salt series, edible ammonium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, etc. As the export window of its brother company, Sichuan Shehong Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., a famous lithium salt manufacturer in China, the company exclusively manages various lithium salt series chemical products.

C. Various battery products As one of the shareholders of Chengdu Jianzhong Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., a famous lithium battery manufacturer in China, the company is responsible for the export and sales of various batteries.

(2) Imported products mainly include

A. Australian spodumene products (used in lithium salt, glass and ceramic industries) The company is exclusively for its brother company-Sichuan Tianqi Industrial Co., Ltd. (the company acts as the exclusive general agent of Australian Quarrall in China) every year Import tens of thousands of tons of Australian spodumene concentrate.

B. American Borax Group borax and boric acid products (used in glass and ceramic industries) The company exclusively imports tens of thousands of tons of American borax and boric acid for its brother company Sichuan Tianqi Industrial Co., Ltd. every year.

C. All kinds of steel and products.

D. Mechanical and electrical products and components.


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